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Welcome to the Institute of Nano Biomedicine and Engineering website. The institute is engaged professionally in the research and development of interdisciplinary Institute on the basis of nano-materials. ‘Guided by the national significant demand, doing practical things stead fastly, dare to be the first and the pursuit of innovation’ which are the strategy the institute insists on. We adherence to scientific law, avoiding rash and impetuous, to engage in scholarship and cultivate talents. With several years’ efforts and accumulation, we are distinctive in the controllable preparation of nano-particles, the filtering of makers for gastric cancer, the nano-probe targeted to gastric cancer for imaging, efficient nano-drug delivery systems and nano-detection devices.  Recently, we are focused on the key technology of warning and early diagnosis of gastric cancer.
No only are we engaged in the nano-biomedical research, but also we are concerned about the conversion of outcome and clinical application. At present, the institute has been cooperating with several hospital and companies to conduct the translational research of technical achievement in order to promote the nanotechnology standardization and  industrial transformation. At the same time, in order to make the institute a good place for the aspiring young people to engage in scholarship, we build strong cultural atmosphere and beautiful environment. The institute is open up to the outside and attracts many scholars to join and communicate with us.
In order to encourage young people's enterprising and upward, Institute has also set up a fund to reward students and teachers who have made outstanding contributions to the field of nanomedicine.
We are trying to make some unique work to participate in international competition actively through our advantage of interdisciplinary edge.

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