Li Chao
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Li Chao PhD:
Li Chao, PhD, research interests: biomedical engineering.
1995 ~2011 year: Zhejiang Wenzhou Medical College, first affiliated hospital of Wenzhou Medical University
2011 ~ present: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, biomedical engineering (nano-biomedical) professional
Knowledge of clinical medicine, clinical laboratory Diagnostics
Main papers:
1. Chao Li, Xiangsong Wang, Cheng Feng, Chunlei Zhang, Xiao Zhi, Kan Wang, Daxiang Cui*. The antifungal activity of graphene oxide - silver nanocomposites. Biomaterials, 2013; 34(15): 3882-3890.
2. Chao Li, Daxiang Cui. Superoxide dismutase, a potential theranostics against oxidative stress caused by nanomaterials. Nano Biomed Eng 2012, 4(4), 195-206.
3. Jing Ruang, Hua Song, Qirong Qian, Chao Li, Kan Wang, Chenchen Bao, Daxiang Cui. HER2 monoclonal antibody conjugated RNase-A-associated CdTe quantum dots for targeted imaging and therapy of gastric cancer. Biomaterials, 2012; 33(29):7093-102.
4. Xiansong Wang, Da-Peng Yang, Peng Huang, Min Li, Chao Li, Di Chen, Daxiang Cui. Hierarchically assembled Au microspheres and sea urchin-like architectures: formation mechanism and SERS study. Nanoscale, 2012,4, 7766-7772.
5. Guo Gao, Chunlei Zhang, Zhijun Zhou, Xin Zhang, Jiebing Ma, Chao Li, Weilin Jin, Daxiang Cui. One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of lanthanide ions doped one-dimensional upconversion submicrocrystals and their potential application in vivo CT imaging. Nanoscale, 2013,5,351–362.
6. Jing Ruan, Hua Song, Chao Li, Chenchen Bao, Hualin Fu, Kan Wang, Jian Ni, Daxiang Cui. DiR-labeled embryonic stem cells for targeted imaging of in vivo gastric cancer cells. Theranostics 2012, 2(6),618-628.

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