Zhang Yixia
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Zhang Yixia PhD:
She is engaged in early warning and detection of gastric cancer. She is engaged in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile organic compounds related to gastric cancer based on Cancer cell metabolism and carcinogenesis of gastric cancer patients ' exhaled gases. She constructed related to gastric cancer specific fingerprint of volatile markers using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. On this basis, she built early warning for gastric cancer and early warning model of nanoparticles for diagnosis of gastric cancer, combined with nano-materials and nano-technology.

09/2009-presenst: Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of micro-Nano-biomedical engineering, PHD. She is engaged in green synthesis of nano gold, silver, and gold-silver alloy and its application in gas research. She constructed related to gastric cancer specific fingerprint of volatile markers using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. She prepared "green, safe and eco-friendly" metallic nano-particles based on biological preparation by template and she combined it with materials such as carbon nanotubes to develop gas sensors for early warning of gastric carcinoma and diagnosis.
09/2005-07/2008: master's degree in chemistry and Chemical Engineering College of Shanxi University. She is engaged in the gas sensors development of explosive gases such as methane. She prepared modified fibre using nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes. She built a methane gas sensor based on evanescent wave theory.
09/2001-07/2005: Taiyuan Normal University Department of biology, Bachelor of science in biotechnology.
Main papers:
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1. constructed related to gastric cancer specific fingerprint of volatile markers using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. application number 20,111,036,294,3.5;
2.the method of preparation of gold nano-particles using chloroplast as templates. application number 20,111,011,029,7.3

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