Shen Guangxia
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Associate Professor Shen guangxia
In 1993-1997, Anhui Normal University Bachelor of science in chemistry
1997-1998 teacher in Leysin middle school
1998-2001 master of Anhui Normal University, Institute of organic chemistry
 2001-2004, Dr in Xiamen University chemistry department
2005-2007 Shanghai applied physics postdoctoral
2007-present controlled synthesis of micro-Nano Science and Technology Institute of nano-materials and nano-manipulation laboratory
Research direction:
Controllable synthesis of nano-materials and Assembly
nano-manipulation of nano-device properties based on atomic force microscopy.
Results of research projects and research:
1. National Natural Science Foundation project-Nano bubble on the surface effect on photocatalytic performance
2. National 863 plan, study on Nano soldering technology based on the DPN (Dip-pen Nanolithography).
3. the subproject-apply nanotechnology to solve key scientific problems in early warning and early diagnosis of gastric cancer.
4. subproject artificial Nano-biological machine construction and basic research in biomedical applications.
5. Shanghai post-doctoral Fund-Nano bubble on effect of metal anti-corrosion function
6. KC Wong Foundation of CAs interface Nano-bubble effect on the properties of metals and corrosion protection film
Typical papers:
1.Guangxia Shen*, Yiqing Lu, Shouwu Guo, Nondestructively Creation Nanojunction via Combined Dynamic Dip-pen Nanolithography. ChemPhysChem, 2009, 10, 2226 – 2229.
2.Yiqing Lu, Guangxia Shen, Chongjun Zhao, Shouwu Guo*, Micropatterns of Polypyrrole Fabricated through Microchannel Confined Eelectropolymerization and Their Electric Conductivity. Electrochem. Acta. 2009, 54(17), 4253-4257.
3.Guangxia Shen, Xuahua Zhang, Ye Ming, Lijuan Zhang, Yi Zhang and Jun Hu* Photocatalytic Induction of Nanobubbles on TiO2 surfaces. Journal Chemical Physical C, 2008, 112, 4029-4032.
4.Lijuan Zhang, Yi Zhang, Xuehua H Zhang, Zhaoxia Li, Guangxia Shen, ChuanhaiFan, Haiping Fang, and Jun Hu*, Electrochemically Controlled Formation and Growth of Hydrogen Nanobubbles. Langmuir, 2006, 22, 8109-8113.
5.Guangxia Shen, Yicong Chen, Changjian Lin* Investigation of the Preparation and Characterization of the Hydrophobic Nano-TiO2 Coating and Its Function in Corrosion Protection of Metals. Electrochem. Acta. 2005, 50, 5083-5089.
6.Guangxia Shen, Yicong Chen, Changjian Lin* Corrosion protection of 316L stainless steel by a Nano TiO2 particles coatingprepared by sol-gel method. Thin Solid Films, 2005, 489(1-2): 130-136.
7.Guangxia Shen, Yicong Chen, Changjian Lin* Preparation and characterization of the Hydrophobic Nano TiO2 coatings for improvement in corrosion resistance of 316L stainless steel. Corrosion, 2005, 61, 943-950
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