Song Hua
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Research assistant Song Hua
He was born in May 1979 , male, and graduated from Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy, second military medical University. He was mentored by Professor Xu Lianying, a famous pharmacy in China. He accessed into Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of materials "materials science and engineering," post-doctoral research station, to be engaged in anticancer drugs research on Nano-targeting drug delivery systems. He worked in Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of micro-and Nano-Science and technology science then.

Major research:
Nanomedicine science and related interdisciplinary areas of research, focused on:
1, specific targeted nanomedicine research
2, sustained-release and controlled-release drug delivery systems
3, the new nano-materials, block copolymer synthesis and biological safety evaluation

Typical papers:
1.  Hua Song, Rong He, Kan Wang ,Jing Ruan, Chenchen Bao, Na Li, Jiajia Ji, Daxiang Cui. Anti-HIF-1 Antibody-conjugated Pluronic Triblock Copolymers encapsulated with Paclitaxel for tumor targeting therapy. Biomaterials, 2010, 31(8):2302-2312.
2.  Hua Song, Bing Liu, Tong Du, Lin Jiang, Hao Yang, Rong He, Feng Gao, Daxiang Cui. Preparation and characterization of PTX-HIF-1-immunomicelles with active carboxylic terminals. IEEE-NANOMED, 2008, ID:35.
3.  Daxiang Cui, Peng Huang, Bifeng Pan, Ping Xu, Hua Song, Hao Yang, Chenchen Bao, Zhiming Li, Feng Gao, Rong He. Polyamidoamine Dendrimer-Coated Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes-based Gene Delivery System. 2ND Carbon Nanotube Biology, Medicine and Toxicology Symposium. 2009.
4.  鲍晨晨, 杨浩, 李娜, 刘彬, 宋华, 盛平, 胡国汉, 崔大祥. 新基因NBEAL1的克隆表达纯化及其与肿瘤病理分级的相关性. 中国肿瘤生物治疗杂志, 2009.(已接受)
5.  Chenchen Bao, Ping Sheng, Hao Yang, Juxiang Chen, Hua Song, Xuehua Ding, Bin Liu,YichengLu, Guohan Hu, Daxiang Cui. NBEAL1: a potential novel molecular target for the early diagnosis of low malignant glioma. Nano Biomedicine and Engineering. 2009, 1(1):74-87.
6.  Daxiang Cui, Zheng Wang, Hong Zhang, Jing Ruan, Chenchen Bao, Hao Yang, Asahi Toru, Hua Song, Kan Wang. Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes based regulation of Proliferation and Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells. ECS Transactions, 2009, 19(13):63-67.
7.   Hao Yang, Rong He, Qin Guo, Ding Li, Hua Song, Hengyao Hu, Peng Huang, Kan Wang, Xueqing Zhang, Daxiang Cui. A Novel Quantum Dots-based Point of Care Test for Syphilis. Nanoscale Research Letters (NRL). 2009. (In press)
8.   Daxiang Cui, Yuedong Han, Zhiming Li, Hua Song, Kan Wang, Rong He, Bing Liu, Heliang Liu, Chenchen Bao, Peng Huang, Jin Ruan, Feng Gao, Hao Yang, Hoon Sung Cho, Qiushi Ren, Donglu Shi. Fluorescent Magnetic Nanoprobes for in vivo Targeted Imaging and Hyperthermia Therapy of Prostate Cancer. Nano Biomedicine and Engineering (NBE). 2009, 1(1):94-112.
9.   Daxiang Cui, ng Zhang, Zheng Wang, Hua Song, Asahi Toru, Rong He, Osaka Tetsuya, Feng Gao, Hoon Sung Cho, Chris Huth, Hengyao Hu, Giovanni Pauletti and Donglu Shi. Carbon Nanotubes-based regulation of proliferation and differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells. Stem cells. 2009. (In press)
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