Hu Hengyao
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Research assistant Hu Hengyao:
Preparation of nano materials and their biomedical applications
1987-1991 East China University undergraduate graduate
2001-2004 East China University Master's
2006-, micro-and Nano-Science and technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University Research Institute of bio-medical engineering specialty Ph
Ph, Research Assistant. In2004 he graduated from East China University of science and master's degree in materials science and engineering, currently employed in micro-and Nano-Science and Technology Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University. He mainly engaged in plasma surface modification of nano-materials, nano-materials, Nano-medicine and nano-artificial ligaments and supporting research.
Research interests:
Controllable preparation of nano-materials, surface engineering and self-assembly.
Bio-controllable preparation of nano-magnetic materials, surface modification, stable dispersion and interaction with biological molecules.
Main papers:
1.Ao Yiwei1, Yang Yunxia1, Yuan Shuanglong1, Hengyao Hu2, Hongchen Gu2, Guorong Chen1*.Nanosized γ-Al2O3 protective film for fluorescent lamps.Ceramics International 2007, 33, 1547-1550
2.Dongshe Zhang,1 Hengyao Hu,2 Laifeng Li,3 and Donglu Shi1, 2, 4Low-Temperature Preparation of Amorphous-Shell/Nanocrystalline-Core Nanostructured TiO2 Electrodes for Flexible Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Journal of Nanomaterials.2008, Article ID 271631.
3.Hao Yang, Qing Guo, Rong He, Ding Li, Xueqing Zhang,  Chenchen Bao,Hengyao Hu, Daxiang Cui. A Quick and Parallel Analytical Method Based on Quantum Dots Labeling for ToRCH-Related Antibodies. Nanoscale Res Lett. DOI 10.1007/s11671-009-9422-7(2009)
Application number: 03116985.6 invention patent: six-preparation of potassium titanate whisker, is licensed.
Application number: 20,051,011,123,4.4 patent name: energy saving lamps work by sol-gel method preparation of γ--Al2O3 protective film coatings, is licensed.
Invented patent application number 200510111233.X name: energy saving lamp work γ-Al2O3 protective film coatings by sol-gel method, is licensed.
Completed projects:
1. the energy-saving lamp by sol-gel method using high-purity nanometer alumina production technology research, in Zhejiang Province, major scientific and technological projects, project funds: 700,000 yuan, project ID: 200,411,019 c. 2007.9 through the project acceptance.
Application project:
1. portable marine viruses bacteria novel functional magnetic sensing detector development, 863 project, project ID: 2008AA09Z111, cooperation unit the aluminum project leader, project funds: 980,000 yuan.
2. rapid detection of foodborne pathogens in new technology research and development (08391910800), (2009-2012), Shanghai municipal science and Technology Commission project, 800,000 RMB.

Research group of Shanghai ICP 11031250 -1 2013 Shanghai Jiao Tong University pollution control

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